Mini-residency in Implant Therapy

MIni-residency in dental implantsNEW COURSE

Intended for dental practices that have a basic knowledge of dental implants and have recently started implant therapy. This two-day intensive course will be given both as a combination of lectures and hands-on demonstrations including a live surgery.
The topics covered  in this course include: treatment planning, dental implant placement (hands-on), basis of implant restorations (hands-on), implant maintenance and peri-implantitis, moving from conventional to digital impressions , management of complications in surgery, and the usage of digital marketing of a dental implant practice.
This course is open to dentists only

Dates: November 17 and 24
Time: 8:30-4:30 pm
Cost: $950
CE credits: 15


TREATMENT PLANNING FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS: Essential steps in treatment planning for dental implants using diagnostic tools

 DENTAL IMPLANT PLACEMENT: HANDS-ON COURSE: How to integrate restorative and surgical components of dental implants. Demonstration done on models.

IMPLANT RESTORATION BASICS: HANDS-ON COURSE: This hands-on course will showcase the basics of implant restoration requirements for a successful aesthetic and prosthetic design.

MOVING FROM CONVENTIONAL TO DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS: Recent advances in dental imaging have led to the increased use of CBCT. We will review the basics of CBCT imaging in implant treatment planning, and how it can improve efficiencies within your treatment planning and diagnosis. 

LIVE SURGERY:  Participate in this live dental implant surgery as one of our surgeons places an implant on a patient in the adjacent clinic. Questions can be asked as the procedure is underway.

SURGERY COMPLICATIONS: Be prepared to deal with the most common complications in implant surgery

IMPLANT MAINTENANCE & PERI-IMPLANTITIS: Review of the fundamental of hygiene maintenance in routine recall examinations 

MARKETING OF A DENTAL IMPLANT PRACTICE: TRANSMITTING VALUE TO YOUR PATIENTS: This course will provide precise insights into improving the dental office’s profitability through the application of digital marketing, social media and building of an online presence geared towards practices introducing dental implant therapy 

Cost $950