Can you transform your smile in a day?

Transform your entire smile in a single day. Until recently, this was an unattainable dream of both patients and dentists alike, but not anymore. Significant advances in technology and research have opened up a new treatment that, over the past few years, has allowed surgeons to perform a full smile transformation in one day. We like to think of these as ‘super-charged dental implants’ and they have proven very popular with patients. Curious as to what we mean by saying a dental implant can be ‘super-charged?’ We’d be happy to explain.

First, the basics. What is a dental implant?  

It seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it? Oral Surgeons are best equipped to perform oral surgeries, having been trained specifically for these types of procedures. Not only do they undergo the specialized training to do so, this is their day job. They’ve successfully performed thousands of such cases… every year.

Is an Oral Surgeon really that much more qualified? 

Dental implant surgery is a procedure whereby an artificial tooth is implanted into your gums using metal posts that look like tiny screws. They provide a permanent solution to missing or damaged teeth because, as opposed to dentures, they are fixed to your gums and therefore behave like natural teeth. At Seaforth Oral Surgery, our dental implants consist of an artificial tooth root that is made from titanium. We also place a crown on top of the tooth, ‘capping off the implant.’

Great! Now what is a Full-Smile Treatment? 

A Full-Smile Treatment is similar to a regular dental treatment but taken to the ‘next level.’ It is designed for patients who have severe dental issues and that require the replacement of a whole set of teeth along the upper and/or lower jaw. In this procedure, a specific number of implants are placed (in the jaw bone) in order to give you a full set of teeth (‘full-arch’).

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘wow, this sounds like a very complicated procedure,’ but the truth is anything but. Since the full-arch is implanted as one unit, it only requires a limited number of implants to lock into place, not one for each tooth. This makes it a huge time-saver as a procedure and can typically be completed in a single day!

Am I a candidate for a Full-Smile Treatment?  

As mentioned above, a Full-Smile Treatment is intended for those with more advanced or complicated dental issues. While the reasons for qualifying for this treatment can differ, ultimately all patients who undergo the procedure vary from missing at least 4 teeth along one of their jaws to having no teeth along a jaw.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, patients are able to have both jaws transformed to receive a full smile on the same day.

Why should I consider a Full-Smile Treatment? 

The advances in medicine have made full smile transformation a huge benefit to patients for a multitude of reasons. On the procedural side, it is fast, easy, and convenient. The same-day procedure transforms your smile in mere hours, letting you walk out of the clinic a totally different person.

For your day-to-day life, maintenance is simplified greatly. As a permanent solution, the steps to cleaning your implants are not much different than the standard required oral hygiene care.

That said, perhaps the biggest benefit is the ‘intangible’ added value to your quality of life. Multiple studies have shown a tremendous improvement in happiness with the look and feel of these implants. Patients often speak of a major confidence boost and improved social life… and let’s not forget that with fully-functioning teeth, all your favorite foods are, literally, back on the menu!

Can I find out more about this treatment?

Of course! It would be our pleasure to talk in greater detail about how the treatment works and if it suits your particular needs. Contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.