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Why you SHOULD replace a Missing Tooth

There are many reasons you might need to replace a tooth; these can range from the result of an accident to a genetic predisposition. For those who have had the misfortune of having lost one or more teeth, the consequences can be quite challenging to cope with. Alongside aesthetic issues, the loss of a tooth […]

Diabetes and Dental Implants: are they truly incompatible?

Dental implants and Diabetes: are they compatible? You may have asked yourself if dental implants are right for someone who is diabetic. Are they safe? How is treatment any different than for non-diabetics? To provide a proper answer, it helps to explore diabetes and dental implants in a bit more detail. After all, there are […]

5 must-ask questions before getting dental implants

Having a smile with a missing or loose tooth can surely reduce the quality of life for any given person, which is why it is important to consider the options to replace missing teeth. Indeed, one of the best options to replace missing teeth due to a number of advantages is getting dental implants. Dental […]

9 Questions on Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery Answered

The decision to have your wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) removed is an important one. Whether your wisdom teeth are impacted or not, it’s a decision that will ‘impact’ your oral hygiene and habits for the rest of your life. To help demystify the procedure, we’ve put together a short FAQ about wisdom […]

Dental Implants: calculating the cost and value.

There is no doubt amongst health professionals that dental implants are the most effective means of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. The reasons vary from the aesthetic and psychological benefits to the health and, yes, economic reasons. Naturally, when you opt for the best in class for care, there is a degree of […]