Current Concepts in Dentoalveolar and Third Molar Surgery


Our team of surgeons at Seaforth Oral Surgery are academically involved and continuously thriving for excellence. On April 5th 2014, Dr. Chehade,  Dr. Shenouda and Dr Bonin shared their clinical experience and expert knowledge on the subject of third molar (wisdom tooth) surgery during a McGill Continuing Education Course. This course was held at the great education facilities at the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry undergraduate laboratory.

Participants of our Current Concepts in Dentoalveolar and Third Molar Surgery course provided us with very positive feedback on an excellent opportunity to enhance their surgical skills and acquire knowledge relating to this kind of treatment.

In sum, it was a wonderful full-day course curriculum on Dentoalveolar and Third Molar Surgery.   Our team of clinicians, experts in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, not only offer graduate training and teach in this domain but they also provide outstanding clinical care to their patients at Seaforth Oral Surgery!

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