The Biggest Benefits of a Full-Smile Treatment

We recently outlined our Full-smile Treatment when asking ‘can you transform your smile in a day?’. As transforming your smile in a day truly is a revolutionary development in the oral medicine field, we’re very proud to be one of the few clinics in the province to offer it. The beauty of the Full-Smile Treatment lies in its simplicity. Combining the latest technology and multiple treatment steps, a complete full-arch treatment replaces a whole set of teeth along the upper and/or lower jaw with just one, permanent, arch implant (per jaw). It is permanent because an arch is installed with four titanium screws, a material that fuses to your living bone and functions as part of it. So what are the biggest benefits of this treatment? Let’s look at them together.

Big benefit #1: it’s completed in a day   

Yes, you read correctly: you can have a whole new smile in just a day. Incredibly advanced in technique, yet simple in concept, the procedure allows our specialists to replace your full arch in a single session. This is possible because a full-arch restoration that requires as few as 4 implants, and not one for every tooth. This reduces the time to complete the surgery drastically and also means visits to the clinic are kept to a minimum, saving you time and reducing interruptions to your busy schedule.

Another benefit of this one-time treatment is that, as a one-time operation, it entails but a one-time recovery period.

Big benefit #2: it is a cost-effective solution

A revolutionary treatment that will change your life without breaking your bank account? It might sound too good to be true but it is. Contrary to having each tooth replaced separately over a course of years, the simplified and comprehensive solution offered by a full-arch treatment comes out as significantly more affordable for patients.

The pro-arch treatment is offered through a variety of financing options. We will sit down with you and make sure the payment plan put in place, and any insurance options, are set to work their best for your unique situation. Schedule your consultation to learn more about this revolutionary procedure and the financial plan we offer.

Big benefit #3: it lets you live your life fully

Perhaps the biggest of the big 3 benefits is how your life will be improved once you leave our clinic. From the confidence boost and being able to eat and drink any food or beverage you can think of, to a richer and fuller social life and no longer worrying what others are thinking, patients almost unanimously say having a full-arch treatment was the right decision for them.  

Additionally, everyday maintenance is super convenient because the solution is permanent and comprehensive. Maintaining your new arch implants is essentially no different than taking care of natural teeth.

Curious to learn more about the full smile treatment?  

As always, we love to talk about how we can help patients improve their oral health to also improve their lives. We are particularly excited to talk about this life-changing procedure, so do not be shy to contact us and ask us any and all the questions you want.