The Truth Fairy: Comparing Full-Smile Treatment vs. Dentures

Having missing or damaged teeth doesn’t just impact your smile, but your style. Formerly, the only choice to replace teeth was dentures. Now, you have more options than ever to get back your grin, look and confidence.

Thanks to innovation and advanced dentistry developments across dental implants, and prosthetics, the expert team at Seaforth Oral Surgery can give you back your full smile (or, full dental arch) with as little as four dental implants. Aptly titled the Full-Smile Treatment, this permanent procedure is an attractive and cost-effective solution that takes only one day to complete.

Unsure if whether a Full-Smile Treatment or dentures is the best option for you? You’ve come to the right place. Being one of the few clinics in Quebec to offer Full-Smile Treatments, we have the expertise to provide a full comparison of a Full smile treatment versus traditional dentures.

Let Seaforth Oral Surgery help you make an educated decision about the best treatment choice for your missing or damaged teeth that you will be smiling about for years to come.

Overview of a Full-Smile Treatment

A full arch of a fixed bridge replaces your top and bottom sets of teeth, securely locked onto the dental implants on your lower and upper jaw. In a standard dental implant procedure, an incision is made and a titanium screw is tightened into the jaw. The arch is affixed to these screws, which permanently fuse to your jawbone and function as part of it. With the full arches securely attached to these dental implants, your new teeth will never slip or become loose like traditional dentures.  

Knowing your options

Missing teeth? You are not alone. According to statistics on oral health in Canada, approximately 6% of the population aged 20-79 have no teeth and 22% of the population aged 60-79 have no natural teeth. Replacing teeth not only helps you look better but live better — improving your chewing and speaking capacities.

However, a Full-Smile Treatment may not be well suited for everyone, including people with certain jaw conditions, smokers or individuals with diabetes. If you are missing teeth and believe the procedure may be the right solution for you, below is a full comparison of a Full Smile Treatment Treatment versus traditional dentures for you to chew on (so to speak).


The first reason to smile: a Full Smile Treatment is not as expensive as you might think. Overdentures’ lifespan, the costs include purchasing fixatives to secure them, daily cleaning products and repairs. By comparison, a Full-Smile Treatment is cost effective in the long term. Remember: dentures also need to be replaced every seven to 15 years, whereas dental implants can last well over two decades. Book a consultation at Seaforth Oral Surgery to review financing, insurance and payment plan options.


Patients always smile when talking about how following their Full-Smile Treatment, the fixed bridge feels, functions and looks exactly like natural teeth. They are also easy to care for, requiring no nightly removals for cleaning or time-consuming fixatives for denture stability. Another major benefit of dental implants is the preservation and maintenance of the structure of the jawbone. By comparison, dentures can reduce jawbone quality and lead to further deterioration of the facial structure.


When it comes time to eat, the Full-Smile Treatment has traditional dentures beat. The advantage of a Full-Smile Treatment is that it sustains a normal chewing capacity versus the restricted chewing capacity of a denture. The fixed bridge locks securely onto the implants, meaning no more slipping, irritated gums or pressure sores.


Repairing missing or damaged means you have can get back to living and laugh with confidence. The enormous success of dental implants is they feel and look like natural teeth. Most patients are unanimous in agreeing they made the best decision in getting their implants, and many wish they did their Full-Smile Treatment at Seaforth Oral Surgery years earlier.

Curious? If you give us an inch, we’ll give you a new smile! Schedule a consultation at Seaforth Oral Surgery to see which option for missing or damaged teeth is best for you.