Who Should Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

So you’ve been feeling a bit of pain in your wisdom teeth and, after consulting your dentist, have been told you need to have them extracted. ‘Wonderful!’ you might be thinking (though not quite so enthusiastically…). Once you’ve come to grips with the news, it’s time to shift from ‘shock’ to ‘solution’ mode, which raises a key question: who is the best person to remove my wisdom teeth?

An Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon is your best option 

It seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it? Oral Surgeons are best equipped to perform oral surgeries, having been trained specifically for these types of procedures. Not only do they undergo the specialized training to do so, this is their day job. They’ve successfully performed thousands of such cases… every year.

Is an Oral Surgeon really that much more qualified? 

Putting aside all the years of training and expertise, what makes an Oral Surgeon so well qualified is that they are ready to handle any situation they come across.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted can be anxiety-causing and Oral Surgeons are very sympathetic to this; after all, they’ve dedicated their entire careers to helping those who have it! They understand that the procedure comes with some risks, including some chances of potential sinus cavity or nerve damage; they have the best technology designed specifically for to prevent this, including 3D cone beam CT scanning. Oral Surgeons have also undergone extensive training on sedation and anaesthesia. To learn more about wisdom teeth surgery and sedation, read our blog on this topic.

As well, let’s not forget that have a supportive team of assistants also trained just for this type of work, meaning you’re in more than just one pair of good hands!

But why not my regular Dentist? Don’t they also perform wisdom teeth extractions? 

General Dentists are wonderfully skilled professionals, but their focus is in other areas, not wisdom teeth extraction. While some perform these procedures from time-to-time, they do not have nearly the experience, tools, and expertise as an Oral Surgeon.

Let’s take a minute to make an easy analogy; imagine a friend who took piano lessons for a few years and compare them to a professionally trained classical pianist. While your friend may be able to play some basic songs well enough, they just don’t have the same rhythm as the expert. Now, ask them to play a particularly challenging piece by Mozart; do you expect anywhere near the performance as the professional, who is proficient across any range of compositions.

Your care above all else 

Hopefully your wisdom tooth extraction is a straightforward case, but whether it is more complex or caught nice and early, the comfort of knowing the absolute best person for the job is there to take care of you can be very reassuring. The best solution, indeed. ☺

You can contact us with any further questions you may have on wisdom teeth removal. Remember that to book an appointment with one of our oral surgeons: Dr. Antoine Chehade or Dr. Marc Shenouda, you do not need a referral.