Wisdom Teeth Personalities

wisdom teeth

What if impacted wisdom teeth had personalities?
What if different types of impactions meant different types of “personalities”?

We thought it would be informative and fun to share creative images portraying cases of impacted third molars (wisdom teeth).

Impacted wisdom teeth are third molars at the back of the mouth that don’t have enough room to emerge or grow normally. The teeth either become stuck under the gum or are only able to partially break through the gum. As a result, they can cause feelings of pain, damage other teeth and cause other dental problems. In such cases, third molars need to be removed. Below are 3 examples of such impacted teeth. Meet the slackers, the adventurists and the clingers!

Meet the slackers
Sometimes, when wisdom teeth don’t erupt and don’t break through gums they end up horizontally lying on their side, sleeping in parallel to gum line and impact their neighbours (horizontal impaction). Although you can’t necessarily see them, you can feel their painful presence. If this is the case, if they are indeed causing discomfort and pain, it is recommended that slackers be removed.



Meet the adventurists
Another personality type or impaction type is distal impaction. Distal impaction refers to an angulation that is generally directed towards the back of the mouth. Unlike the slackers who are likely to impact other teeth, the adventurists erupt in this less favourable position and may get close to the alveolar nerve (yellow line). If signs of inferior alveolar nerve proximity are detected, 

 it is recommended to have your wisdom teeth extracted.




Meet the Clingers
A third type of third molar impaction is mesial impaction aka the Clinger. This is one of the most common type seen. In this case, wisdom teeth grow at an angle facing towards the front of the mouth. Clingers will move towards the adjacent molar and may cause discomfort and pain. If painful, the removal of clingers is recommended.


There are more than three possible types of wisdom teeth impaction.
If interested in meeting the guy/girl next door, the Clutz, the Grandpa…:
read more: wisdom teeth personalities:

Few important things to remember
– It will not be required to remove your wisdom teeth in the following cases/instances:
• If your wisdom teeth are completely erupted and functional
• If painless
• If your wisdom teeth are cavity-free
• If your gum tissues are healthy
• If they are disease-free

-If you are wearing braces to straighten your teeth, your orthodontist may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted. As they try to erupt, the wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to move and this can compromise the desired results of orthodontic treatment.

– Your wisdom teeth must be professionally examined regularly and x-rays of your wisdom teeth should be 
taken every year to make sure that your teeth and gum tissue are healthy!

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