Wisdom teeth removal. Should it be done in the summer time?

The timing of wisdom teeth removal is often dictated by a patient’s presenting symptoms, or it is based on a dental professional recommendation due to clinical or radiographic findings.

Summer is a popular time for wisdom teeth removal in the student population. This is a convenient time for consultation and for treatment with minimal disruption to your patient’s academic schedule.

Based on our experience, over 75% of our student-patients prefer to undergo this treatment at this time of the year. Hence, we do believe that yes, summertime is the wise time!

Making the right decision for Third-Molar Surgery  

At Seaforth Oral Surgery, our mission is based on the following fundamental principles:

Care: Compassionate and professional dedicated team. Our patients are our first and foremost priority!

Expertise: Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists with extensive experience and clinical expertise for routine and complex cases with safe surgical treatment with the comfort of IV sedation

Satisfaction: Our high level of patient satisfaction is a reflection of the quality of care they receive and attested to by the feedback they provide you. After all, making a good decision for your patients is also making the best decision for you


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