What is computer assisted surgery?   

Computer assisted surgery in the context of the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery refers to a concept where a virtual model of a patient’s face and or teeth is created and manipulated in 3 dimensions allowing for precise pre-surgical planning and intra-operative surgical navigation. The virtual model is created from the imaging volume captured during cone beam CT imaging of the structures of interest.  A number of softwares facilitate the conversion of CT data into a virtual model that can then be used to plan various stages of a surgical or implant prosthetic rehabilitation.  Computer assisted surgery is therefore also referred to as virtual surgery. 

Enhanced Work-Flow with Immediately Available Information:
The inherent advantages of the availability of this imaging technology combined with appropriate software tools in our oral surgery clinic have had a significant impact on the efficiency of our work flow and have rapidly expedited our ability to inform patients of diagnoses and treatment proposals within one visit.   Our patients and professional collaborating partners have benefited from our expertise in the field of maxillofacial imaging in a variety of sub-disciplines of dentistry including; implant surgical planning,  assessment of impacted teeth and intra-bony pathology, TMJ disorders, facial trauma and most significantly in the diagnosis and planning for corrective jaw (orthognathic) surgery. 

Our team of surgeons are leaders and early adopters of the latest technology allowing for virtual planning and virtual guided surgery. Using such technology allows them to offer the best possible care to their patients by planning for the safest and more precise surgical interventions. 

Imaging services offered at Seaforth Oral Surgery include: 
-pre-surgical implant planning evaluation
-evaluation of impacted teeth such as third molars, canines and mesiodens
-evaluation of bony maxillofacial pathology such as cysts and tumours 
-pre-surgical planning for orthognathic surgery                     



If you require the services of an oral maxillofacial radiology centre, please contact: Montreal Dental Imaging