Infection control has always been a top priority for our team. We will continue to do what we’ve always done to ensure that our patients and staff are protected from the spread of any virus. 

During these uncertain times, it is normal for all of us, and especially our patients, to have questions on the safety of the places and interactions we decide to have in society. Dr. Chehade, Dr. Shenouda and their team are very conscious of this matter and we wanted to explain what measures we are taking to help ensure your safety and your health.

Here is what we, at Seaforth Oral Surgery, have done to protect our patients:

  1. We took advantage of the time we had during the weeks of closures to educate ourselves with the latest scientific research on COVID19, focusing on how to protect our patients and ourselves while continuing to offer treatment to patients.

  2. Team training: all of our personnel has been trained on the most strict infection control protocols from the time of arrival to the clinic to the time of leaving the office.

  3. We have put in place specific protocols for each aspect of our operation :

    • The use of a virtual consultation process to minimize the number of visits to the clinic for patients.

    • Before arriving at the clinic: advanced screening questionnaires (online and over the phone) are used to limit the risk of exposure.

    • Upon arrival: reception by a dedicated screening assistant to review the current status, take forehead temperature, apply hand disinfectant. Furthermore, we provide masks to every patient upon arrival at the clinic.

    • Changes to our schedule to allow a safe arrival and departure of patients while respecting social distancing rules.

    • Transformation of a large 1000 sq ft conference room into a screening and reception area allowing simple social distancing. 

  4. Everyone in our team has received intense training on the use of the most advanced PPE (personal protective equipment) available. Gowns are used and changed between each patient to avoid contamination through clothing.

  5. We have placed HEPA air purifiers systems in our treatment rooms to ensure the highest quality of air environment for our patients and to limit cross-contamination.

  6. We are strictly monitoring our health (symptoms, fever) to make sure that we do not represent any risk to our patients.